ltreeseLinda TreeseLinda Treese:

From 2015:

Yvonne was recommended to me from a friend and she has been coaching me and helping me train my horses since 2008. From the first lesson, she provided me with many “lightbulb” moments and helped me to improve my riding and my confidence. She is a wonderful teacher for all levels, and coached me in my very first shows in both dressage and jumping.

I grew from being a beginner rider to jumping more, trying cross country jumps at Gordonsdale, and enduring more challenging trail rides. She has vast experience in all levels of riding and horse care and management. Her technique focuses on happy and confident horses and riders, and she has a wonderful balance of both kindness and firmness when needed, all while helping riders advance their skills and athleticism. As my needs and skills changed, she also helped me find my next horse partners, and helped me with train and overcome significant challenges with a more difficult horse. Her knowledge, experience, and consistent care for both horse and rider have been invaluable to me in reaching my riding goals.

From 2012:

“I started riding with Yvonne a few years ago, and she has truly changed my riding. She has given me the physical and mental skills and confidence to achieve goals that a few years ago, I had only dreamed of. I remember watching other riders with hope and a bit of envy, wondering if I would ever 'get there'.

Yvonne helped me and my horse build the technical and foundation skills necessary for dressage and jumping and she coached me through my first show. Her help and advice was pivotal in us earning our first ribbon at our very first show! She was also instrumental in helping me achieve my goals outside of the ring during trail lessons. She helped expose my horse and me to different terrain, trails and slopes and again gave me the confidence to ride more advanced trails at varyious gaits. I now embark on many more trail rides and do so much more confidently and relaxed.  Whether in or out of the ring, she teaches with encouragement and motivation, and just enough firmness to help me move beyond my own fears and skill “blocks”.

Yvonne’s approaches and techniques have improved both my own fitness and my horse’s. In addition, she always shows concern for the horse. I am so grateful for her kindness toward my gelding each and every week as he is older and has some limitations, but she continues to help us reach our potential and she has brings out the best in both of us. She is fun, kind and knowledgeable and I look forward to each and every lesson with her. My horse and I have both grown and changed so positively, and I couldn’t have done it without Yvonne.”