kufta annI bought my horse Kufta from Yvonne, as well as boarded, and trained, at Red Moon Farm. The care Yvonne gives the horses is extremely rare and one of the best in the Northern VA area. The care of the horses is a top priority as that is her full time job and she lives on the farm all year. She is someone you can trust to provide expert knowledge and common sense, plus she has a genuine love for horses.

I was new to horse ownership when I bought my horse from Yvonne and she taught me many useful things about horse ownership and care that I will never forget. I worked in a full time demanding job, so could not always be there but I never had to worry about my horse’s well being, scheduling farrier visits, vet visits, vaccines, as she handled everything. She provided excellent training and I felt like I had a successful start back in the saddle after 10+ years of not riding. She helped me gain new confidence in the saddle again and exposed me to the sport of eventing, and the importance of dressage training as a base. I will always recommend Yvonne and Red Moon Farm to anyone looking in the Northern Virginia area for top notch training and/or boarding.