(Pictured, Jamie at Competition, Photo ©GRC Photography)

Jaime Greear, student: “Our sport of Eventing has truly evolved into a sport of three phases. We no longer just need a brave horse that can run and jump, but our horses also have to do well in dressage and show jumping by being balanced, supple, agile and responsive.

Yvonne is a great trainer for the evolution of our sport - not only does she know what it takes to get around a cross country course successfully, but she has the ability to improve your dressage and show jumping. She has been a huge help in giving both me and my horse Simon more confidence, and has helped us improved all three of our phases. Yvonne noticed right away that I got nervous as the fences became higher, and she helped me calm my nerves which in turn improved my show jumping (Simon slowed down and stopped rushing).

With her help Simon and I were able to move up to Training level this past year (something neither Simon nor I had done before), and Yvonne made sure we were more than ready for the challenge! Yvonne has helped Simon and me in so many ways I could write a book, but the one thing I have to say is that she truly cares about her students and their horses. So if you are serious about wanting to learn, and want a great all-around trainer, then Yvonne is the right trainer for you.”